It Is Only Sound That Remains

it-is-only-sound-poster1It Is Only Sound That Remains is the story of Montreal-based artist, Shahrzad Arshadi coming into contact with an exceptional woman, Ziba Kazemi after her tragic death at the hands of Iranian authorities in the summer of 2003.

An experimental and innovative project using the words, archival recordings and voice of Ziba Kazemi, herself, It Is Only Sound That Remains creates a living document to honour and celebrate this Montrealer’s life. Audience members are invited into a candle-lit room, filled with Persian carpets, pillows and chairs to sit on. Teas and cookies are served. Once the lights dim, the play unfolds in each audience member’s mind’s eye. Live and prerecorded voices, audio and music mingle to tell the story entirely through the medium of sound. Written and directed by Shahrzad Arshadi with the collaboration of Caroline Künzle (production and sound) and Moe Clark (poetry and sound), who interprets Forough Farrokhzad’s poem, It Is Only Sound That Remains during the performance.

Click here to read Shh! Listen, an article about this sound theatre production, published in the journal,

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